C era

Presentation: Saturday evening, on June 23th, 2001, an "unusual artistic performance" by Domenico Olivero has take place at the Peano Foundation, which had as main goal the promotion of sculpture and integration between art and natural environment. 
A traditional copper vessel named "candisuar" has been used, and 19 candles have slowly burnt into it, each one with its own shape and size. 
During the happening some objects, given as gift by some close friends, will be inserted into the vessel. They joined all together and created a new sculpture, as soon as the wax started to solidify again. 

Comment: As time goes by, only our memories don't get lost. As time goes by, it exhausts our existences, only a few things it spares; those things are just little events, when distinct identities meet one another... those moments become one and the same with our existence and maybe they only leave a faint trace.

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