Omaggio a / Homage to Felix Gonzalez – Torres

This project is born as a homage to Felix Gonzalez-Torres, a marvelous intimist artist. This re-creates one of his most well known projects, the photograph of his bed exhibited to the pedestrians on the streets of New York City, a project organized by Anne Unland in collaboration with MoMa, from May 16th to June 30th of 1992. It is my intention to take it as a starting point and re-create it on the world wide web, hoping to involve other persons and render it all as a work in progress. Such action would render homage to an artist I love, re-evaluate the role of the web which, the more it becomes real space that documents and renders live reality itself, the further it creates a dialogue between private and public space.

The artistic work will take as its starting point photographs contributed by the contestants which will be posted on the web for which, from 12/16/02 to 12/20/02, I have photographed my bedroom in the morning and have also inserted other photos taken from other public sites (see the list of sites below). I propose that all chance visitors send me photos of their in-the-morning beds so I can publish them starting on 12/20/02 at the appropriate websites. All the material will then be gathered on a suitable website. (forum) (Carta Bianca)

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